Milking MILFs Natalie and Willow Relieve the Gardener

The Milking MILFs are sharing an afternoon doing girl stuff. Natalie came to visit Willow and the ladies are looking through some of Natalie's sexy lingerie. There's a knock at the door and Willow tells the visitor to come on in. The sexy gardener has come up to the house because he can't get into the shed and needs the equipment in order to do his job. Natalie and Willow are not ones to waste a perfect opportunity, and certainly not the opportunity to suck a sexy cock. They undress him and Willow lies back in order to munch him from below while Natalie expertly sucks him from above. He is taken by surprise but goes right along with the fun. When they lie him down on the bed for better access, Natalie blows this gardener's mind with her amazing deep-throat skills. Willow also takes a turn and then they share him like a lollipop. Both of these ladies sure know how to suck a cock....but this lucky guy is getting two at once--AND he's getting paid to do the hedges! The ladies pull out all the stops and get him to spray them! It's only fair, since he's not spraying the garden.

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